Have your cake and eat it (literally)

blog have your cake 2Is it really possible to have your cake and eat it, quite literally?  For some the mere sniff of a custard slice and 10 pounds head straight to the derriere!  Remember the old adage “a moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!”  How true it seems for some of us!!  So what makes one person able to eat whatever they please, while others have been on a ‘diet’ FOREVER?

We all know that friend or work colleague who can eat pizza or doughnuts (while we’re sat with a salad) and never put a pound on.  Everyone says “Wow, I wish I was that way, she’s naturally thin” or “She’s blessed with a high metabolism.”  Or what about those people who look very lean, yet claim they don’t do a single bit of exercise?!  You know what I mean, right?

blog have your cake 1

While this can make us feel green with envy, take a good look at their daily routine.  More than likely they are constantly on the go, and never sitting still – whether it’s hoovering, walking the dog or dashing about the office.  This makes a huge overall effect to the amount of energy (calories) they use each day.

One scientific observation I came across suggested that in general thin people are usually emotionally detached from food.  Unlike emotional or stress eaters, they tend to lose their appetite when upset or stressed.  They will often forget to eat as food isn’t that important to them.  While it looks like they are eating whatever they like, they probably only eat it in quite small amounts (therefore consuming fewer calories).

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The bottom line is to remember that unless there is an underlying medical reason behind weight loss/gain, (and although hormones and genetics can possibly play a role in whether we are thin or overweight), it’s most definitely lifestyle that has the most significant effect on body mass.  It is an absolute truth that nobody can sit on their butt all day every day, while eating cream cakes, without putting on a single pound – FACT!

So now that we know that we can all have the same opportunity to have the body we desire, let’s not get mad next time someone says they can eat whatever they want.  We know better!

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If you want to lose body fat move more and eat better, and save the good stuff for a now and then.  There’s no quick fix and it certainly isn’t easy (nothing worthwhile ever is).  Aim for progression not perfection.  Most definitely eat the cake that you have been wanting, denying yourself only makes you want it more – we are only human after all.  Body mass doesn’t define health, and wellness begins inside.  Feed your body well for the majority of the time and respect it, and it will work like a dream – your body shape will change naturally, food guilt will disappear and you’ll feel a spring in your step every day!

Kelly x

2 thoughts on “Have your cake and eat it (literally)”

  1. So true! It was prosecco that I treated myself to last night after being good for 5 days. I had finished work for the week and knew if I didn’t have a glass or two I would feel annoyed that I couldn’t have it!

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