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I swoon over handbags and dresses.  I obsess over ornate architecture.  Roses delight me and sunsets fill me with gratitude.  I squeal when I meet a puppy on the street.  I adore lipstick and perfume.  I suppose all these things make me feminine.  And yet I love nothing more than to be my own boss, to run and jump, to sweat and lift heavy weights.  I’m bossy and meek.  I’m opinionated and open-minded.  I’m an extrovert and a wallflower.  I’m as soft as I am hard – none of which makes sense, but all make me who I am.  A multifaceted woman.  I suppose what I’m trying to convey is that I hope you celebrate your multitudes.  Embrace the clash and contradiction, this is what makes you interesting.  There is no one way a woman should be, you are limitless.  Beyond the stereotype, you are much more than that.

Love Kelly x